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Neoliberalism and black politics?

Has neoliberal ideology among black elites narrowed our conceptions of what’s possible in black politics as well as our focus on means to electoral politics & lobbying? If so, is this a good or bad development for blacks’ quest for social justice?

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Live webcast with Michael Dawson
November 2, 2011

Ask UChicago with Professor Michael Dawson at 11am on Wednesday, November 2!

He's Black.
September 8, 2011

Is Obama Black, Bi-racial, or Post-racial? Michael answers in a Zócalo Public Square chat.

Severe Hardship, Dashed Hopes
July 27, 2011

We are entering a period when for blacks there is a dangerous and growing confluence of severe economic hardship and dashed hopes.

Papers, Articles & Book Reviews

(Selected papers from this section will be available for downloading in the future.)

Papers Published

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Book Chapters

Forthcoming. “We Need Help: Publics and Publicity in Katrina’s Wake.” ms. being prepared for Fractured Rainbow: Race and Civil Society in the United States. Michael C. Dawson (ed.).

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Book Reviews

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