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Live webcast with Michael Dawson
November 2, 2011

Ask UChicago with Professor Michael Dawson at 11am on Wednesday, November 2!

Neoliberalism and black politics?
October 17, 2011

Has neoliberal ideology among black elites narrowed our conceptions of what's possible in black politics as well as our focus on means to electoral politics & lobbying? If so, is this a good or bad development for blacks' quest for social justice?

He's Black.
September 8, 2011

Is Obama Black, Bi-racial, or Post-racial? Michael answers in a Zócalo Public Square chat.

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He’s Black.

Is Obama Black, Bi-racial, or Post-racial? Michael answers in a Zócalo Public Square chat.

President Obama is black. That is certainly how the vast majority of Americans from all racial groups view him. Unfortunately, it is also how increasingly shrill political opponents portray him, as they attempt to discredit the President using the vilest racial stereotypes. The increasingly racialized rhetoric surrounding the President, much of which borders on outright racism, reinforces the reality that for African Americans in particular, as many sociologists have shown, the “one-drop rule” still applies. Ironically, despite the brutal racialized discourse that surrounds the President, his multi-racial heritage as well as his success in being elected President is used as evidence of America’s evolution into a post-racial society.

See the full discussion.